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Concerned About Who is Allowed to Bring a Gun into Your School?

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The Law Offices of John C. Camillus prepared a friend of the court brief (Amicus Brief) on behalf of Ohio teachers and school staff about the danger of arming school employees with little or no training.  The brief, which was filed in the Ohio Supreme Court, supports a legal challenge by a group of parents in Butler County, Ohio over their school district's decision to arm staff with only 24 hours of training.  You can read more about that lawsuit, Gabbard v. Madison Local School District, on the website for Everytown Law (which represents the parents in the Gabbard case).  The Ohio Supreme Court will determine in Gabbard how much training Ohio law requires before a school employee can carry a firearm into an Ohio school. 

Thank you to all those who joined in this important effort by signing your name to the Amicus Brief.

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